Spring Conference Superhero Session: “Communicating to a Divided America” with Peter Panepento

As America moves deep into the struggle against systemic injustice, organizations need tools to listen thoughtfully and communicate with multiple audiences, especially those whose voices have been marginalized. We asked Peter Panepento for a sneak peek at “Communicating to a Divided America,” his session at the upcoming Spring Conference for Animal Welfare, which provides many of these communications resources.

Number One Reason You Should Attend This Session

“Our country is more divided than at any point in any of our lifetimes, which makes it more difficult for animal welfare organizations – and really all nonprofits – to communicate effectively,” says Panepento. “In this session, we’re going to explore how animal welfare organizations can tailor their messages to different audiences to help make sure they’re connecting with people with differing ideologies.”

Juicy and Important Thing You Will Learn

This is big: “By showing how your mission as an animal welfare organization connects to the motivations and values of multiple audiences,” Panepento explains, “you have the key to unlocking the support of people on both sides of America’s political and ideological divide.”

Superhero Skills You Will Gain During This Session

“You’ll learn shapeshifting – or the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes to better understand what they care about. You’ll also develop the super senses necessary to know how to listen to those who have perspectives other than your own.”

Why This Session Is So Important To Our World Right Now

“COVID-19 and the fallout from the tragic death of George Floyd have made this material even more relevant and timely than before,” stresses Panepento. “These current crises are making it even more important for animal welfare organizations to find ways to listen, express empathy, and develop strategies for speaking effectively to multiple audiences. If we do these things well, we have an opportunity to bring more attention to our causes, and we also have an opportunity to help bring people together around a common goal – protecting the welfare of animals.”

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Peter Panepento founded Turn Two Communications, a full-service communications and PR firm that specializes in working with nonprofits and foundations. Peter spent nearly two decades in journalism, including more than a decade covering the nonprofit world at The Chronicle of Philanthropy. He is co-author of Modern Media Relations for Nonprofits.

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