Invitation from the Board Chair: Take the 2021 Compensation & Benefits Survey

The 2021 Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking Survey is ready for your data. The Association’s Board Chair, Brad Shear, encourages you to participate on behalf of your organization as we work together to create a more equitable and just industry.

Animal welfare has experienced dramatic change over the last two years. We’ve changed the work we do to adjust to a new reality, and because we have so many hard-working, committed people involved in our cause, we have navigated that change while keeping our missions in focus. Because of this recent history, this may be The Association’s most important Compensation and Benefits Survey, as it can help us understand how crisis has shaped our organizations.   

This survey will be the first since COVID transformed what it means to be an employer, and the first to focus closely on diversity (or the lack thereof) in animal welfare.  Taking this survey not only helps others in the industry, this is the survey that gives back by providing you with free access to the results.  You can compare your organization to similar groups or look at data from others you’re trying to emulate.  Have a new project coming that includes expanding into veterinary care?  You can see other organizations’ roles and pay scales for your new initiative.  Having trouble attracting and retaining staff?  The survey will tell you how you compare to like organizations.

The Association is here so we can all support and share with each other. This biannual survey is one of the most important and tangible ways we support each other and animal welfare as a whole.  I hope you’ll join my organization by participating in this year’s survey.

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Brad Shear, CAWA, is the Executive Director of the Potter League for Animals. He serves as the chairman of the board of The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement, also chairing the Best Practices and Emerging Trends Committee, and represents The Association on the board of the National Animal Rescue and Sheltering Coalition. A founder of the New York State Animal Protection Federation, Brad is the President of the Federation’s education foundation.

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