5 Steps to Psychological Safety in the Workplace

We got your feedback on the Fall Virtual Conference, and we hear you—Josh Vaisman rocks! We’re cooking up some new Josh content–stay tuned! In the meantime, here’s a recap of his session, “Safe to Soar: The Secret Sauce of Effective Teams.” Josh explains psychological safety and shares 5 steps for creating a psychologically safe and healthy work environment.


Action Needed: Breed Discrimination in the Homeowners Insurance Industry

The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement is proud to be part of a new initiative to end breed discrimination in the homeowners insurance industry. Along with major animal welfare groups including Best Friends, HSUS, Animal Legal Defense Fund, and Humane Rescue Alliance, we have signed on to a new white paper calling for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to investigate the use of breed discrimination lists.


5 Things to Consider When Creating a Workplace Flexibility Plan

According to the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), trends are pointing toward a two-tiered workforce—employees whose positions are suited to remote work, and employees who must still be onsite to do their jobs. “This is requiring organizations to really think hard about meeting employee needs while maintaining consistent organizational culture and policies,” shared Nicole Belyna, SHRM’s Field Services Director, in her session on “Shifting to a Humane Workplace: Leveraging Workplace Flexibility” during our Fall Conference for Animal Welfare.


Your Workplace Activism Playbook: Winning Moves for Employees and Managers

An article in the Winter 2021 issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review—“Business Disruption from the Inside Out: A playbook for Employee Activists and advice for leaders”—is causing a stir with our colleagues in the field. Shelly Thompson from Maddie’s Fund originally shared this article with me, and I immediately recognized this as an extremely timely issue for many leaders in the animal welfare sector.

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