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Facebook Advertising: The Basics of Cost Effective Social Ads

4 Steps to Planning a More Effective Remote Meeting

Are you finding back-to-back-to-back remote meetings tough? Steven Rogelberg, PhD, author of The Surprising Science of Meetings, shares some of the reasons virtual meetings are so challenging, and outlines 4 steps that facilitators can take in the planning process to make meetings more effective. Studies have found that an astounding 55 million meetings are held daily.


Animal Welfare Fundraising During Coronavirus and Economic Uncertainty

Written by Jim Tedford, President & CEO of The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement, and Trish Dewald, Executive Vice President, Phoenix Innovate Please welcome first-time guest blogger, Trish Dewald. The Association is pleased to announce our new partnership with Phoenix Innovate, a Detroit-based provider of innovative communications and fundraising services.

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