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Quiz: Am I Eligible for the CAWA Exam?

Did you know that we’ve expanded the requirements to make the Certified Animal Welfare Administrator program more inclusive? Take this quiz to find out if you qualify to sit for the CAWA exam—and earn the only leadership credential in the animal welfare industry. Create your own user feedback survey Learn More The Bottom Line on CAWAHow to Become a CAWAQuiz: Take a Mini CAWA Exam


Tip of the Week: The Recruit-Cute

Heard of the meet-cute? How about a recruit-cute… This week’s tip comes courtesy of an agency that increased their applicant pool for open positions with some smart messaging and a couple of clicks. Has your organization been struggling with attracting and recruiting applicants to your open entry-level positions? Burlington Animal Services typically lists these roles in the usual places where most local government offices post jobs.

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