5 Reasons to Attend The Spring Conference

We’re less than three weeks away from our first in-person Spring Conference in—gasp!—three years. While the hotel is nearing capacity, we’ve still got room for you to join your colleagues for what will be one of the most memorable conferences ever. Here’s 5 reasons to reserve your spot and head to Chicago this June 15-17.

#5. The line-up is stellar, and the session topics are on point

It’s a different world since we last met in person, and that’s why the Conference Committee took care to plan relevant sessions full of tools and info for making change. That includes The Economic State of the Veterinary Profession and Its Impact on Recruitment; Fatigue in All Its Flavors, and Changing the Racial Composition and Culture of Your Board. View the full brochure.

#4. There’s a ton of cool stuff to do in Chicago

Make that a ton of cool stuff to do and see and eat…. Just ask your colleagues at The Anti-Cruelty Society, who put together a video-list for you featuring the best of their hometown. Check it out.

#3. There will be more cowbell

You don’t want to miss Tick Tock Talk, our networking/speed dating event on the first day of the conference. Each facilitated convo begins and ends with—yup, we went there—the sweet sound of more cowbell. Get deets.

#2. Those sweatpants need to be retired

And your flip-flops, too. While there’s something to be said for rolling out of bed just in time for your morning Zoom meeting, your shoes—and pants with zippers—miss you.

#1.  Two words: Ping Pong

Forget the stellar line-up of speakers. Forget the relevant topics, the four tracks and 25 sessions. Forget that we can’t wait to see each other in person. The real reason to attend the conference? The reception at Ace Bounce on Thursday evening. Join us and it’s game on.

Spring Conference: Session Confessin’ Part 1
Spring Conference: Session Confessin’ Part 2
Spring Conference: Session Confessin’ Part 3
Spring Conference: Session Confessin’ Part 4

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