You’re Invited: Next Thursday’s Roundtable Busts Myths, Shares Tips to Help Horses

Wondering what’s next on the horizon in the rapidly changing and ever-evolving field of animal welfare? Then you’ll want to pull up a chair at The Roundtable next Thursday, August 19, at 5 ET, and join us for Supporting Equines Through Adoption & Safety Net Programming. For those who have been in the field long enough to see the evolution of dog and cat sheltering move from reactive (think overwhelming number of intakes, low adoption rates, and high euthanasia) to proactive (decreasing shelter intakes through aggressive spay/neuter, intake diversion, and safety net programs), the same scenario is possible with horses. 

What can we learn from the evolution of dog and cat welfare and apply it to helping horses? What translates well in terms of strategic initiatives, and what doesn’t?  “We will walk you through the recent evolution of our equine programs and help you pave the way to help horses in your region,” says Lori Redmond, President and CEO of Kentucky Humane Society, who’ll be sitting on next week’s panel along with Matt Levien of Animal Rescue League of Iowa; Ellen Rawlins from Humane Society of North Texas; and the ASPCA’s Emily Weiss, Ph.D.

“Horses are expensive!” notes Redmon. But if you think that means your agency can’t afford to step into equine welfare work, think again. The webinar will offer a few tips on helping horses in a way that won’t break the bank as you contemplate dipping your toe in the water.

And, of course, if you already have an equine component in your scope of services, this session is definitely a must-attend to ensure you’re serving your community in the best way possible. Adds Redmon, “We’ll share tips for those who provide equine support through animal control measures, and help create a path to a more proactive way before a horse ends up part of a cruelty or neglect complaint.”

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