You’re Invited: Deep-Dive Data Study with Center for Shelter Dogs & Shelter Animals Count

Shelter Animals Count CEO Sara Kent shares an invitation to join 100 of your sheltering colleagues in a groundbreaking pilot. Love data and want to dig in? The deadline to sign up is this Friday, August 14.

As the home of The National Database of sheltered animal statistics, Shelter Animals Count currently collects and publishes summary intake and outcome data – the total number of animals – from shelters and rescues each month. You can visit the Data Dashboards to identify regional, local and national trends found in this summary data, as well as filter by species and organization type and size. With the help of member organizations entering their data monthly, the new COVID-19 Impact Dashboard tells an ongoing story of animal sheltering in the pandemic. 

Summary vs. animal-level data

But what about data for each individual cat or dog at your shelter or rescue? What trends do you think we might see on a local level? Or nationally? To that end, Shelter Animals Count is partnering with the Center for Shelter Dogs at the Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine on a pilot study looking at animal-level data. The goal of this study is to identify detailed insights that will help improve centralized data collection and explore sheltering trends. Ultimately, we are looking to determine if we can devise a standardized animal-level data record. 

A small group of participants are already actively sharing their data for the study, and we are seeking input from a total of 100 sheltering organizations. If you are interested in joining your groundbreaking colleagues, you will need:

  • the ability to download or export animal-level data once monthly for 12 months
  • the time to answer questions about data management methods

Deadline to sign up is this Friday

To get started, please complete this form by Friday, August 14, so we can get to know you better and help ensure a diverse set of organizations. It will take less than 10 minutes to complete, and we will contact you within a week to talk more about the project and your organization’s eligibility. If you are unable to commit right now due to the current situation, please go ahead and fill out the form —we can schedule an interview and enroll your organization at a later date that works for you.

Ready to help expand data insights in animal sheltering? Follow the arrow on the bottom right of the form to get started.

P.S. Please note—data collection for this study is completely separate from the current Shelter Animals Count monthly data collection. You do not have to be a current SAC member to participate, but you are always welcome to be a part of the national database. Register for Shelter Animals Count here.

Learn more

Center for Shelter Dogs
Shelter Animals Count
Sign Up by August 14: Animal-Level Data Pilot Study


Sara Kent is the first Chief Executive Officer of Shelter Animals Count, leading the nonprofit that is home to the national database of sheltered animal statistics. Sara has spent over 20 years helping shelters get the most from digital tools and resources. Sara lives in Montclair, New Jersey, with her husband and adopted pets, including two mixed breed dogs, Diamond Shamrock and Linda; two house cats, Mr. Pickwick and Gerald; and a tarantula named 3.

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