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Member Spotlight: Get To Know Dr. Cristie Kamiya

What happens when your Chief of Shelter Medicine has a DVM and an MBA? You just might become the first-ever organization to meet all 543 of the Association of Shelter Veterinarians’ standard-of-care guidelines…. Name: Cristie Kamiya, DVM, MBAMember of The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement since: 2017Organization: Humane Society Silicon ValleyTitle: Chief of Shelter Medicine Q&A with Dr.


Member Spotlight: Get to Know Belinda Lewis

When we first asked Belinda Lewis, MS, CAWA, to blog about the changes she’s seen in animal sheltering over her 33 years at Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control, and to talk about her current gig advancing professionalism in animal cruelty investigations as an instructor with Code 3 Associates, she promptly requested a word count. “A three-hour movie is flashing before my eyes!” she joked.


Member Spotlight: Get To Know Jill Tucker

As Jill approaches her one-year anniversary with the recently formed California Association for Animal Welfare, we caught up with her to ask some questions about her experiences as an animal welfare professional (and her hidden talents!). Name: Jill Tucker, CAWA, CEO, California Animal Welfare Association Member of The Association since: 2010 The Association: Tell us about your organization.

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