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How to Rock Your Next Virtual Meeting

How has the pandemic changed the way your organization communicates internally? We’re betting one change is virtual meetings—and lots of them. How are these meetings conducted—and what’s successful/not-so-successful about them? Jack Flinchum will explore these questions in his September 30 webinar, “Effective Internal Communication: The Problem, Some Solutions & The (Virtual) Meeting.


Supporting Staff During COVID-19: Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando’s Bring Your Child to Work Program

As part of our new Innovation Bank of short, pre-recorded webinars, we’ll be rolling out a brilliant idea from one of your colleagues in the field every week. First up, a timely topic—supporting staff who are parents of school-aged children—with Fraily Rodriguez, Vice President of Operations at Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando.


4 Tips for Emergency Sheltering During COVID-19

How do we safely undertake disaster sheltering in a pandemic? What changes must be made to existing protocols? Red Rover’s Beth Gammie and IFAW’s Jennifer Gardner of the National Animal Rescue and Sheltering Coalition’s COVID-19 Sheltering Committee sat down with us to record a 30-minute webinar. This on-demand presentation covers the gamut from PPE and adapting your shelter layout to animal housing and the best location for receiving donations of supplies.

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