Spring Conference Superhero Session: “Rubber Not Glue” with Dr. Sarah Wooten

Registration opened late last week for our Virtual Spring Conference, and we cannot be more excited about this chance to connect with you, deepen our existing skills, and develop new ones. We checked in with Sarah J. Wooten, DVM, CVJ, who will be delivering the morning keynote address on June 16. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect at “Rubber Not Glue: Awakening the Resilience Within You.

Number One Reason You Should Attend This Session

“Resiliency and ability to bounce back from unruly human behavior are probably some of the most important character traits to have moving forward in this strange new world,” says Dr. Wooten. “People should attend if they want to develop immunity to actions and attacks of other humans, and be able to navigate reactive, fearful human behavior.”

One Juicy and Important Thing You Will Learn

“The attacks of others say everything about them and very little about you,” explains Dr. Wooten. “How they behave says everything about them and their agenda. How you respond demonstrates whether or not you have a need for their approval, and whether or not you decide you want to give your power away. What will you choose?”

Superhero Skills You Will Gain During This Session

Shares Dr. Wooten: “I am going to be giving everybody the red pill so that you understand reactive human behavior, you understand the underlying motivation (9 times out of 10 it is fear), and I am going to give you strategies to not only keep yourself out of the drama, but calm the attacking homo sapien as well. Boom. Superhero!”

Why This Session Is So Important To Our World Right Now

That’s easy! Says Dr. Wooten: “Everybody is reactive!!! Everybody is crazy!! To take conscious control of your own reaction in a crazy, reactive world elevates you above the drama, allows you to continue to help animals in crisis and, most importantly, maintain your own emotional, mental, and physical wellness in a world that now more than ever needs conscious, compassionate humans. This is your time.”

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