Spring Conference Spotlight: Breaking the Fundraising Mold

A gala in an empty hotel room… a walk in a park without hundreds of people….  Those were just a few of the challenges fundraisers faced last year when trying to execute annual events. This June 9, at The Spring Conference for Animal Welfare Advancement, join Cleveland APL’s Judy Hunter for Breaking the Mold in Times of Crisis: Updated Fundraising Ideas, a facilitated discussion with Alisa Gray of Kentucky Humane Society, Marin Humane’s Joe Lisella, CAWA, and Laurie Peterson of Denver Dumb Friends League. They’ll talk case studies, ideas for nontraditional fundraisers, and what worked in 2020 and what didn’t. Here’s more of what you can expect and what to prep.

The Association: To get attendees psyched and prepared for your session, what can they think about or do beforehand? 

Laurie Peterson: Think of one of your events and ask yourself – What is the one thing you would change about it? It can be ANYTHING!  
Alisa Gray: Know that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Watch recorded events that were successful last year. See something that worked or you want to try, then reach out to that organization!

The Association: Based on what we’ll learn in your session, what’s one thing that attendees can start doing or planning the very next day?

Laurie Peterson: Have a brainstorm session with your team. Think of one of your big events, and come up with out-of-the-box ideas to change it up. What have you always wanted to try? What sets your event apart from others?  And if it is like others, how can you set it apart?
Joe Lisella: You’ll be able to start setting your course for success during the transition to “normal,” including hybrid event planning, strategies to engage, and online fundraisers.

Behind the scenes at Marin Humane’s 2020 virtual gala

The Association: This year’s conference theme is inclusion – with a pretty broad definition in order to be, well, inclusive. What questions can we ask to help expand our thinking or programs to include ideas or practices we may not have considered before?

Laurie Peterson: How do you connect with all demographics through your event? Animals are loved by all people – regardless of political party, socioeconomic class, age, race, ethnicity, gender, etc… Are you marketing and getting ALL areas psyched for your celebration?
Alisa Grey: How can you make an impact or create a call to action to local guests – but also to others who cannot attend, but may want to get involved virtually from outside your service area? 
Joe Lisella: While none of us plan events to exclude people, are we doing everything possible to make events inclusive. 

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