Letter From the President: When You’re Going Through Hell…

Wishing You a Resilient New Year!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We’ve all heard the nightmares – and many of us have lived them: Facebook trolls, ranting tweetstorms, hate mail, fights at the reception desk, even death threats. The animosity and ignorance are real and we as an industry have been combatting them for years.

Our work by its very nature is challenging and emotionally taxing even without outside attack. This year, let’s focus not on the bile around us, but on our resilience – both personally and organizationally – and our ability to overcome adversity and build support.

At last year’s Animal Care Expo, I had the honor of presenting a workshop with my friends and colleagues Jan McHugh-Smith and Jodi Buckman. The session, called Going Through Hell? Keep Going!, discussed how to prepare for, respond to, and recover from an attack. We shared horror stories and the audience shared theirs – it was an emotional learning experience for me, and judging from the steady stream of emails I have received ever since, for the audience as well.

We want to extend that powerful Expo experience and bring it to both The Learning Center and to our Spring Conference. Jan, Jodi, and I will kick off a new Going Through Hell webinar series this February 5. And this June, we will present a revised workshop at the Spring Conference, which will be one of several sessions focused on building resilience to attacks.

We hope you will register for and participate in the free webinar series, Going Through Hell? Keep Going! The series will include lessons on:

– Strategies for responding to accusations, including cyberbullying
– Crisis communication preparations
– Ways to deal with difficult people
– Building a resilient culture

You are not alone. By sharing stories and learning together, we can all become more agile in the face of crisis. See you on Wednesday, February 5, as we kick off the webinar series!

Jim Tedford, CAWA
President & CEO

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Jim Tedford, CAWA, is President and CEO of The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement.

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