How Loud Can You Bark?

Join us at the Roundtable on July 22 and find out

Marketers and fundraisers, think you can’t compete with big brands for attention and engagement? Join One & All’s Denise Wong, Stephanie Ladeira of Humane Society Silicon Valley and Wisconsin Humane Society’s Angela Speed on July 22, when they’ll share actionable tips for getting your voice heard and discuss a case-study of a five-year plan. Register today to raise some hell and do more social good.

We asked our panelists a few key Qs to whet your appetite for the Thursday, July 22, event.

The Association: What do big brands do so well that we in social good want to succeed at as well?

“The big brands we find inspiring have significant positive brand recognition and a consistent voice and look,” shares Angela Speed, Vice President of Communications at Wisconsin Humane Society. “This can be more challenging in a smaller organization, in which departmental needs sometimes outweigh internal marketing bandwidth. Big brands also do an amazing job cultivating and stewarding brand ambassadors.”

Adds Humane Society Silicon Valley’s Chief of Philanthropy and Community Development, Stephanie Ladeira, big brands excel at creating visual recognition, leveraging photography, telling stories, and balancing happiness and sadness to inspire action. “We in social good strive to differentiate our humane society or SPCA brands from the ‘big guys’ without bashing them, create content that gets talked about and shared in other socials, or at the water cooler.”

The Association: How do we know we’re barking loud enough—and if the folks we want to reach are hearing us barking?

Speed cites data as the key to assessing impact. “We look at website traffic, social reach, email performance, engagement metrics, broadcast media reach, acquisition of new constituents, and funds raised,” she says.

Adds Ladeira, “We TEST, TEST, TEST!”

The Association: What are some ways that we in the social good industry can raise hell together?

Ladeira offers up a juicy list:

  • Group together with other animal welfare orgs in the industry to pool your resources and rally around an agreed-upon message that benefits all your organizations
  • Follow one another on social and share each others’ content
  • Don’t be afraid to be irreverent, silly or poke fun at yourselves
  • Exchange visibility for value at your organization
  • Focus on our similarities rather than our differences
  • Jump in on events that are already happening to take advantage of someone else’s marketing expertise

Speed echoes the collaboration on marketing campaignsand also stresses opening up lines of communication in the industry. “We’ve found it to be incredibly helpful to share ideas, best practices, successes, epic fails, and challenges with similar organizations, or organizations whose work inspires us.”

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