Happening Now: Portalmania 2020!

Passing on a life-saving opportunity (free portals, anyone?!) from Million Cat Challenge. Applications due next Friday, May 15

It is hard to believe that a solution as simple as a hole in the cage wall has been called “the smartest thing we’ve done in the last decade”–but it is true. 

“We have seen and documented the power of portals for years,” say our colleagues at Million Cat Challenge. “Now that many shelters have reduced capacity as a result of the pandemic, we know it’s a good time to install portals in those empty cages.” 

And thanks to some very generous sponsors, the Million Cat Challenge is now able to make available more than 1,500 portals for free. This is not a raffle, or a contest, or a sweepstakes… this is a giveaway!

The opportunity to receive free portals is open to all Million Cat Challengers. Your organization must be registered and have updated data through 2019 with Million Cat Challenge at www.millioncatchallenge.org. The portal request must be submitted by May 15 by the director of your organization or the person who has the authority to install the portals. You can find the application form and additional details on Million Cat Challenge’s Portalmania 2020 page.

P.S. In case you missed the memo on why portals rock (or need a quick refresher!), here’s a great overview.

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Portalmania 2020 
Preview Portalmania Application Form (deadline 5/15)

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