Giving Thanks 2020

As we enter into the season of gratitude and giving, we in animal welfare bring many strengths, including our resilience, our can-do attitudes, and our spirit of collaboration that’s truly gone into overdrive this year. 

Earlier this week we asked members of The Association’s Facebook groups who or what they’re thankful for, and we’re sharing some of the responses here. We invite you to leave a comment with your additions, and wish you a safe, healthy, and happy holiday.

2020 has little to offer on the surface. Reflecting deeper, however, there are a lot of incredible things being done by a lot of incredible people.
Matt Pepper, Michigan Humane

I am grateful for the Association and the circle of animal welfare professionals it unites to improve the lives of animals. I am privileged to work with my fellow AAWA colleagues, and more importantly, to call them friends.
Kathleen M Olson, Purrfect Pals Cat Sanctuary and Adoption Centers

I am grateful for my tribe!
—Tee Fisher, Center for Behavioral Health Research, University of Tennessee

Thankful for healthcare workers
—Karen Walsh, The ASPCA

I too am grateful for The Association because I have made so many friends, and grown so much professionally. I love helping raise the status and professionalism of our industry, and I am seriously grateful for getting to see cities in states I would never have experienced were it not for the fabulous conferences I have been lucky to attend. Looking forward to the first time we all get to gather together again!  
—BJ Andersen, Willamette Humane Society

Thankful for family, friends, colleagues, pets, and our continued health
—Beau Aaron

I am thankful to my conference volunteers for helping make our virtual Fall Conference into what will be a big honking success: especially Kathleen Olson, Anna Payton, Beth Brookhouser, Joe Lisella, Robyn Barbiers, Leilani Fratis, Cindy Gendron, Tom Colvin, Carly Sholten, Stacy Zeitlin, BJ Andersen, Raissa Allaire, Tee Fisher, Inga Fricke, and special thanks to Chumkee Aziz, for leading our partnership with ASV.
—Valerie Sheppard, The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement

Please leave a comment and share your gratitude.

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