Five reasons to join us in Long Beach, CA, for our June Management Conference

Five Reasons to Join Us in Long Beach, CA, for Our June Management Conference

Well, this is going to be difficult. I’m supposed to write a blog outlining the five reasons you should join us in Long Beach, June 14-16, for our Management Conference. Sounds simple, right? But here’s the thing — there are a lot more than five reasons! But I’ll do my best to keep it short. So here are five of the best reasons:

  1. You’ll grow as a professional
    At our annual conference in November, there were 209 first-timers among nearly 600 attendees. Their enthusiasm leads me to believe they’ll be back for more. And for good reason! The educational sessions available at the Management Conference range from “how to handle common stresses in animal welfare” to “how to be a better leader.” You’ll also get the chance to network and make connections with industry professionals who truly embody a commitment to excellence.
  1. Your organization will benefit
    Ever do any fundraising? Is there some construction in your future? Want to know if your organization is at risk for fraud? These are real, everyday issues animal welfare agencies deal with. Our Management Conference gives you the tools you need to get out in front of these important issues — before they get out in front of you!
  1. Your industry will benefit
    A SAWA Management Conference is as much about the conversations as it is about the presentations. You’ll have a chance to contribute (actually contribute!) to the advancement of animal welfare. You’ll not only learn about best practices, you’ll learn how to create your own. It’s like that old marketing saying: “In high tide, all boats rise.” It will be high tide the whole time we’re in Long Beach. 
  1. The animals will benefit
    Another cool thing about a SAWA Management Conference? Nearly everyone in attendance can help answer any of your animal care questions. Or, at the very least, point you in the direction of someone who can. Better yet, you’ll be able to do the same. The animals we care for benefit when we share knowledge — this is how our industry grows. 
  1. It’s in Long Beach, for gosh sakes
    If those reasons aren’t enough, here’s a final one: it’s in Long Beach, California. Think about that, one word at a time: Long. Beach. California. See you there!

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