Fall Conference Superhero Session: “Strengthening Trust & Accountability in the Workplace” with Josh Davies

Are you as excited about the Virtual Fall Conference as we are? We can’t think of a better way to wrap up 2020 with 3 days of reflecting, reconnecting and restocking our supply of inspo for the year ahead. On December 1, Josh Davies, CEO of The Center for Work Ethic Development, rounds up Day 1 with his interactive session, “Strengthening Trust & Accountability in the Workplace.” 

One Juicy and Important Thing Attendees Will Learn During This Session

This one’s a biggie, per Davies: “The unintended consequences of telling someone ‘That outfit looks good!’— when you KNOW it doesn’t.”

Superhero Skills Attendees Will Gain During This Session 

Just as important as leaping tall buildings in a single bound: “The ability to build trust with simple, little daily choices.”

Why This Session Is So Important To Our World Right Now 

“More than ever we are living in a world where trust is in high demand and low supply,” reflects Davies. “If we can better build trust and accountability with others, it will set us apart and create a lasting impact.”

Song to Get You Pumped For This Session

 “A Matter of Trust” by Billy Joel

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