Fall Conference Superhero Session: “Breaking Happy” with Josh Vaisman

Registration for the Virtual Fall Conference opened on Monday, and are we ever thrilled and grateful to wrap up this year with you! There’s so much to look back at, and so much to look ahead to in 2021—and the best part is, we’re doing it together. We checked in with Josh Vaisman, CCFP, MAPPCP, for a sneak peek at “Breaking Happy: A Path to a Sustainable Career.” In this December 2 session in the Leadership Track, he’ll guide us through an exploration of the cult of happiness, and share ways for building a more sustainable mindset for yourself and your staff.

One Juicy and Important Thing You Will Learn in this Session

“We’ll look at some counterintuitive lessons from science about the upside of our ‘dark side,'” says Vaisman, “and the potential downside of trying to be happy all the time.”

Superhero Skills You Will Gain During this Session

Evidence-based skills for being our best selves without needing to feel ‘good’ all the time.

Why This Session Is So Important to Our World Right Now

“2020 has been an epic conglomoration of life challenges,” says Vaisman.  “With some simple shifts to our mindset, we can learn to thrive not despite these challenges, but through and because of them.  In many ways, that’s what ‘Breaking Happy’ is all about.”

Song to Get You Pumped for This Session

“Unstoppable” by Sia

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Josh’s Webinar Recordings: Positive Perseverance: Leading During Crisis and The Practices of Purposeful Leadership
Blog: 3 Ways to Get Your Grit On

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