COVID-19 Comms: Messaging the Public About Their Pets

They’ve done it again—kudos to the North American COVID-19 Communication Task Force! This collaboration of animal welfare organizations across the U.S and Canada have put together a new set of shareable graphics and flyers that answer many of your communities’ most important questions, including “Should I test my pet for COVID-19?,” “If my pet is sick and I think it’s COVID-19, what should I do?” and “Can pets transmit COVID-19 to people?”

Share these new materials on your social media channels, and print and post them in your facility. They’d also be great to include in your newsletter and other email communications. Reach out to your community and spread the word! (And P.S., there’s space on the bottom for you to customize with your organization’s logo if you like.)

Should I test my pet for COVID-19?

*   Sharegraphics (png)

You can right-click and save these for use on your website and social media networks

*    Flyer (pdf)

Here are just a few of the available graphics–grab them all here!

More Sharegraphics & Flyers

Visit the COVID-19 Shelter Toolkit of Usable Communications

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