The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement’s Professional Certification Program – Certified Animal Welfare Administrator (CAWA) – is designed to distinguish the knowledge, skills and achievements of high-level managers working in animal welfare and protection; to support best practices within the profession; and to broaden the understanding among those making hiring decisions and the general public of the specialized qualifications required to successfully lead non-profit organizations and governmental agencies dedicated to animal care.

Join an elite group of professionals committed to excellence in the management and operation of local animal welfare and control organizations. Apply to take the next CAWA exam on November 16, 2015, at any one of three locations: Las Vegas, NV, McLean, VA, or St. Petersburg, FL. 

Want to know if you’re ready? Start by reviewing the CAWA Program Applicant Guide, a step-by-step guide that will give you more information on:

You can register online now through our new certification program portal. You will be able to:

  • Submit your application
  • Check on the status of your application
  • Update personal information

Contact us at certification@theaawa.org

Learn more at www.theaawa.org/certification

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