3 Ways to Get Your Grit On

Josh originally published this post as 3 Steps to Your Leadership Superpowers on his blog for veterinary professionals, and the tips are just as applicable to leaders and managers of animal sheltering teams. Be sure to register for Josh’s webinar, “Positive Perseverance: Leading During Crisis,” happening next Wednesday, September 2, at 3 ET/noon PT.


Urgent Discussion Next Tuesday: “Affordable Housing & Eviction Crisis”

An estimated 30-40 million renters could be at risk of eviction in the coming months due to exacerbated challenges from COVID-19—and with 72% of renters owning pets, the numbers of animals displaced with their people could be catastrophic.  Together, we in the animal sheltering world can do our part to minimize the trauma and devastation caused by the eviction crisis.


Member Spotlight: Get to Know Cole Wakefield

Good Shepherd Humane Society’s Cole Wakefield is a new member of The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement—yet already he’s distinguished himself as a thoughtful leader who asks important questions, sees the big picture, and helped lower his agency’s LOS from years to a month.  Name: Cole WakefieldMember of The Association For Animal Welfare Advancement since: 2020Organization: Good Shepherd Humane SocietyTitle: Director of Animal Services Q&A with Cole Wakefield The Association: What do you want other members to know about your organization? Cole Wakefield: We…


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