Unicorn Alert: Vu Le Talks With Jim Tedford

Okay, so you’re gonna want to grab 12 minutes and listen to this convo between Vu Le, Executive Director of Nonprofit AF, and The Association’s Jim Tedford. If it’s anything like what we can expect during Vu’s keynote address at the Fall Virtual Conference, “Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Hiring Philosophy and Practice,” we’re in for something special.


3 Ways to Help Elevate BIPOC Voices

In our latest podcast, guest host Jorge Ortega, Director, Guilford County Animal Services, hosts CARE President James Evans and Best Friends’ José Ocaño, Senior Director of People and Culture, in a conversation exploring ways in which the animal welfare profession can make space for marginalized voices. Here are some top takeaways from that convo—we hope they inspire you to listen to the complete podcast.


Fall Conference Superhero Session: “Strengthening Trust & Accountability in the Workplace” with Josh Davies

Are you as excited about the Virtual Fall Conference as we are? We can’t think of a better way to wrap up 2020 with 3 days of reflecting, reconnecting and restocking our supply of inspo for the year ahead. On December 1, Josh Davies, CEO of The Center for Work Ethic Development, rounds up Day 1 with his interactive session, “Strengthening Trust & Accountability in the Workplace.


Fall Conference Superhero Session: “Leveraging Workplace Flexibility” with Nicole Belyna

We’re about 7 weeks out from the Virtual Fall Conference, and we can’t wait for these 3 days to reflect, reconnect, and rethink how we get our good work done. The Society for Human Resource Management’s Nicole Belyna, SHRM-SCP, will share tools for crafting flexible work arrangements for hiring at all levels in her December 3 session, “Shifting to a Humane Workplace: Leveraging Workplace Flexibility.

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