SHOW OFF YOUR RESILIENCE: Digital Conference Badges Now Available!

Getting pumped for the Spring Conference for Animal Welfare this June 16-17? Here’s a fun way to let your friends, followers and colleagues on social media know you’ll be hanging with the fiercest and finest group of leaders and leaders-in-training in the industry. We’ve created a set of digital badges you can use for your social media profiles, share as posts on all your social channels and add to your website homepage and email communications.


Spring Conference Superhero Session: “Reducing Recidivism” with Nick Lippinott and Dan DeSousa

Registration is now open for our Spring Conference, and we get more excited with each passing day about this chance to connect with you, the leaders and future leaders of animal welfare. We checked in with Nick Lippincott, Special Programs and Training Programs Coordinator for Orange County Animal Services and NACA board member, who will be co-presenting “Reducing Recidivism: Creating a Responsible Pet Ownership Program,” with Dan DeSousa, CAWA.

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