Human Resources


Tip of the Week: Which Job Would You Apply For?

Your Monday Motivation comes courtesy of staffing guru Tom Erb, who reminds us that job listings are marketing pieces—and not about the employer’s needs, but what the potential candidate wants. How do you want job seekers to feel when they read one of your listings? Intimidated? Unengaged? Definitely not interested? Just plain bored? Of course not, but that’s how they may feel if your posting is employer-centric, rather than candidate-centric.


Tip of the Week: ‘Show Me How’ Day

Didya catch last week’s webinar, “How Can Science Help You Engage Your Workforce”? Here’s a genius idea shared by UNC Charlotte’s Jack Flinchum and Natalie Wilde that can help bring different departments together when organizational silos are an issue. It’s not uncommon for individual departments to accomplish great things together, with every team member thriving and engaged in their work…all while having very real conflicts and miscommunication with other departments in the organization.


Tip of the Week: The Recruit-Cute

Heard of the meet-cute? How about a recruit-cute… This week’s tip comes courtesy of an agency that increased their applicant pool for open positions with some smart messaging and a couple of clicks. Has your organization been struggling with attracting and recruiting applicants to your open entry-level positions? Burlington Animal Services typically lists these roles in the usual places where most local government offices post jobs.

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