Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


3 Ways to Help Elevate BIPOC Voices

In our latest podcast, guest host Jorge Ortega, Director, Guilford County Animal Services, hosts CARE President James Evans and Best Friends’ José Ocaño, Senior Director of People and Culture, in a conversation exploring ways in which the animal welfare profession can make space for marginalized voices. Here are some top takeaways from that convo—we hope they inspire you to listen to the complete podcast.


Needed Now: Street Medicine Teams to Help Pets of the Indigent

It’s Thursday, so that means we’re rolling out another brilliant idea in our Innovation Bank of short, pre-recorded webinars. Today we’re highlighting the incredible work of Jon Geller, DVM, DABVP emeritus, and The Street Dog Coalition, a nonprofit that provides free veterinary medical care to pets of the indigent.


Special Invitation: Community Relations During a Time of Unrest

Barriers to community engagement aren’t new hurdles for animal services staff, but a global pandemic and social unrest bring added burden. This Thursday, we’re holding the space for an important roundtable discussion with four animal services and TNR leaders who are guiding their cities—Atlanta, Dallas, Greensboro, and Los Angeles—through difficult climates.


5 Tips & Tools for Interacting with Increasingly Diverse Communities

We’ve been reviewing your feedback about The Spring Conference for Animal Welfare, and response to “Interacting with Increasingly Diverse Communities” was off the charts! Jace Huggins, Chief ACO at Front Street Animal Shelter, and Sergeant Michele Gigante of the Sacramento Police Department packed a wealth of info into their session, including tips and tools with an emphasis on the LGBTQI+ community. In full disclosure, we’re sharing just a few of the juiciest highlights here so you’ll be inspired to listen…


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