4 Tips for Emergency Sheltering During COVID-19

How do we safely undertake disaster sheltering in a pandemic? What changes must be made to existing protocols? Red Rover’s Beth Gammie and IFAW’s Jennifer Gardner of the National Animal Rescue and Sheltering Coalition’s COVID-19 Sheltering Committee sat down with us to record a 30-minute webinar. This on-demand presentation covers the gamut from PPE and adapting your shelter layout to animal housing and the best location for receiving donations of supplies.


Update: Portalmania 2020

Spoiler alert: Even more portals for even more cats! Back in early May, Million Cat Challenge (MCC), founded in 2014 with a gift from Maddie’s Fund, launched the Portalmania 2020 giveaway with a goal of providing 1,500 portals to shelters when animal inventory in North America was at an all-time low. The lifesaving (and roomier digs for shelter kitties!) continues, thanks to the generous support of industry partners.


Spring Conference Superhero Session: “Reducing Recidivism” with Nick Lippincott and Dan DeSousa

Registration is now open for our Spring Conference, and we get more excited with each passing day about this chance to connect with you, the leaders and future leaders of animal welfare. We checked in with Nick Lippincott, Special Programs and Training Programs Coordinator for Orange County Animal Services and NACA board member, who will be co-presenting “Reducing Recidivism: Creating a Responsible Pet Ownership Program,” with Dan DeSousa, CAWA.


Spring Conference Superhero Session: “Fear Free for Shelters” with Dr. Marty Becker

Have you registered for the Virtual Spring Conference yet? Registration opened last week, and we cannot be more excited about this chance to connect with you, deepen our existing skills and develop new ones. That includes an incredible opportunity with Marty Becker, DVM, who’ll guide us on a deep dive into Fear Free the unparalleled initiative that addresses the emotional wellbeing, enrichment, and the reduction of fear, anxiety, and stress in pets.

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