Keeping Up with COVID-19, 3/25: Update of Federal Actions Impacting Animals

Thank you to Nancy Perry and Michele McMahon of The ASPCA’s Government Relations team for compiling this list of federal actions impacting animals, as well as links to other helpful resources. FEDERAL ACTIONS White House Orders & Memos March 13: White House proclamation declaring a national emergency concerning the COVID-19 outbreak March 16: White House guidelines on Coronavirus guidelines (.


Keeping Up with COVID-19, 3/22: Drive-Thru & Roadside Foster Programs

Amidst this unprecedented, ever-changing situation, the animal sheltering field is showing resilience, flexibility and innovation—and the response from our communities has been overwhelming. Read on to learn how two organizations on opposite sides of the country adapted their foster programs in order to meet the current needs of the animals and people we serve—proving no matter the coast, working together matters most.


5 Things Animal Shelters And Rescues Can Do Together To Minimize Shelter Intake And Maximize Lifesaving Due to COVID-19

By Katherine Shenar and Kristen Hassen-Auerbach With severe travel restrictions in place and social distancing strongly advised, shelters can no longer rely on pet transport to drive lifesaving efforts. Now, shelters that typically receive pets from other areas are prioritizing emergency preparedness for their own communities and employing intake diversion methods to keep shelter populations at safe capacity, especially if adoption rates decline.


Totally Rocking Our World: Delaware Humane’s One Health Clinic

Late last year the Senate passed a resolution naming January 2020 as ‘One Health’ Awareness Month, but Wilmington, DE, is way ahead of the curve. Since October 2017, the Delaware Humane Association One Health Clinic has offered free vaccinations, wellness exams and health screenings during 792 patient visits to date, serving to inform clients about the interconnectedness between their pet’s health and their family’s, their environment’s, and their own health.

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