Rural Challenges in Animal Welfare, Part 2: People, People, Who’s Got the People?

In Part 1 of his series on Rural Challenges in Animal Welfare, Cole Wakefield, Animal Services Director for Good Shepherd Humane Society, got the field thinking about the availability of resources for agencies in urban areas versus those in rural areas. And that includes human resources, which Cole discusses in today’s blog.


You’re Invited: Next Thursday’s Roundtable Busts Myths, Shares Tips to Help Horses

Wondering what’s next on the horizon in the rapidly changing and ever-evolving field of animal welfare? Then you’ll want to pull up a chair at The Roundtable next Thursday, August 19, at 5 ET, and join us for Supporting Equines Through Adoption & Safety Net Programming. For those who have been in the field long enough to see the evolution of dog and cat sheltering move from reactive (think overwhelming number of intakes, low adoption rates, and high euthanasia) to…


39 Things Your Shelter Can Do Right Now to Reunite Lost Pets

Lately we’ve been hearing chatter and concern from shelters struggling to move their animal populations as quickly as possible, resulting in increased length of stay. This is a red flag: We know that the longer an animal stays in your shelter, the more likely stress will impact their health and behavior, and the larger your overall population becomes.

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