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2 Resources to Help You Advocate for Flex-Time & Remote Training Tools

At last year’s Fall Conference for Animal Welfare, Nicole Belyna of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) shared current research pointing toward a two-tiered workforce—employees whose positions are suited to remote work, and those who must be onsite to do their jobs. You can read the top takeaways from her session here.


Spring Conference Spotlight: More $$$ for Municipals

What does it take for you to get the funding you need for more staff or shelter improvements?  Is it worth the fight? Do the benefits outweigh the cumbersome process it takes to get a ‘yes’ from those who hold the purse strings?   These are all valid questions posed by Amy-Jo Sites, MPA, CAWA, of Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control, who’ll be presenting “Working with Local Officials to Reach Your Shelter Goals,” during the virtual Spring Conference for Animal Welfare Advancement this…


You’re Not #UnitedByAssociation Yet!?

Heard about our joint-membership program with Shelters United, a cooperative buying program for animal welfare organizations? More than 600 of your colleagues are enjoying the convenience of shopping online and getting reduced prices with MWI Animal Health—one website, 50,000 products, 1,000 manufacturers, monthly specials.  Join Shelters United for free and you’ll enjoy better prices on the products you always buy—and you will save 50% off a new membership to The Association or 25% off your Association membership renewal.


Hot Stats: 2019 Compensation & Benefits Survey Highlights

As many of you know, The Association launched the first digital Compensation and Benefits Survey in 2019, and we’ve recently compiled data received from animal welfare organizations all across the United States, Canada, and beyond. How do salary and benefits at your agency compare with those in other regions and of similar budget size? Check out the Executive Summary , and read on for some notable findings.


7 Tips for Successful Online Board Meetings

As we navigate through these uncertain times, it’s important to be open to possibilities—and to learn to use the tech tools that are out there in effective ways. Could online board meetings offer us new ways of engaging board members, now and in the future? Nonprofit management expert Jeanne Allen shares some great ideas on how to bring folks together online in her recorded webinar, How to Have a Successful Online Board Meeting.

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