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Giving Thanks 2020

As we enter into the season of gratitude and giving, we in animal welfare bring many strengths, including our resilience, our can-do attitudes, and our spirit of collaboration that’s truly gone into overdrive this year.  Earlier this week we asked members of The Association’s Facebook groups who or what they’re thankful for, and we’re sharing some of the responses here.


Let’s Collaborate! Digital Conference Badges Now Available!

Let’s get pumped up for The Fall Virtual Conference on December 1-3! We’ve created a set of digital badges you can use for your social media profiles, share as posts on all your social channels and add to your website homepage and email communications. Join over 1,000 of your colleagues in this collaborative and collective shout out – on December 1-3 you’ll be hanging with the fiercest and finest group of leaders and leaders-in-training in the industry.


Software Spotlight: Adopets Online Adoption Platform

In advance of this week’s upcoming Roundtable, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at one of the cool new tools that’ll be discussed on Wednesday—software that takes your adoption application process online, from showcasing available pets to facilitating payment. Read our quick Q&A with Adopets’ Chief Customer Officer, Jeremy Macdonald, and be sure to join us at 5 pm ET/2 Pacific on November 18 if you wanna know more and/or have questions.


4 Important Reasons to Attend the #AAWAFall Virtual Conference

If you haven’t already, you’d better register for the Virtual Fall Conference soon — they’re just two weeks left until the opening remarks at 1 pm ET on Tuesday, December 1! Here’s 4 reasons to get pumped (and get registered) for this event: #1 – Because you’re secretly a unicorn He’s baaccckkk! We are sooo excited to have Vu Le, founder of the beloved Nonprofit AF blog, as a keynote speaker again this year. Get ready to hear him talk…


You’re Not #UnitedByAssociation Yet!?

Heard about our joint-membership program with Shelters United, a cooperative buying program for animal welfare organizations? More than 600 of your colleagues are enjoying the convenience of shopping online and getting reduced prices with MWI Animal Health—one website, 50,000 products, 1,000 manufacturers, monthly specials.  Join Shelters United for free and you’ll enjoy better prices on the products you always buy—and you will save 50% off a new membership to The Association or 25% off your Association membership renewal.


Fall Conference Superhero Session: “Strengthening Trust & Accountability in the Workplace” with Josh Davies

Are you as excited about the Virtual Fall Conference as we are? We can’t think of a better way to wrap up 2020 with 3 days of reflecting, reconnecting and restocking our supply of inspo for the year ahead. On December 1, Josh Davies, CEO of The Center for Work Ethic Development, rounds up Day 1 with his interactive session, “Strengthening Trust & Accountability in the Workplace.

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