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Jobs of the Month—September 2021

Have you checked out The Association’s Career Center, where you can look for and post new opportunities? Here’s a sample of the latest listings this month. Director, Anchorage Animal Care and Control Anchorage, AK This position is responsible for all aspects of the agency’s operations, including overseeing policies and procedures, representing AACC in animal cruelty investigations, and hiring, training and leading staff.


You’re Invited: Come Blog for Us!

The Association’s Blog is the place to go to learn about successful practices and programs, grants and professional development opportunities, and resources for building diversity, equity, and inclusion. We also keep you up-to-date on industry news and trends, introduce you to leaders making a difference in the field, and share quick tips and tried-and-true tools that you can implement at your organization.


You’re Invited: Next Thursday’s Roundtable Busts Myths, Shares Tips to Help Horses

Wondering what’s next on the horizon in the rapidly changing and ever-evolving field of animal welfare? Then you’ll want to pull up a chair at The Roundtable next Thursday, August 19, at 5 ET, and join us for Supporting Equines Through Adoption & Safety Net Programming. For those who have been in the field long enough to see the evolution of dog and cat sheltering move from reactive (think overwhelming number of intakes, low adoption rates, and high euthanasia) to…


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