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5 Things to Consider When Creating a Workplace Flexibility Plan

According to the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), trends are pointing toward a two-tiered workforce—employees whose positions are suited to remote work, and employees who must still be onsite to do their jobs. “This is requiring organizations to really think hard about meeting employee needs while maintaining consistent organizational culture and policies,” shared Nicole Belyna, SHRM’s Field Services Director, in her session on “Shifting to a Humane Workplace: Leveraging Workplace Flexibility” during our Fall Conference for Animal Welfare.


5 Free Humane Education Resources

Time for another installment of The Innovation Bank, our series of short, pre-recorded webinars featuring programs and processes that you can replicate in your shelter. Today we focus on the work of HEART, a New York-based nonprofit dedicated to fostering a more compassionate and sustainable world through humane education.


3 Qs with a Lobbyist (and how you can become an animal advocate, too)

With citizen lobbying an emerging form of civic participation, and more and more Americans interested in advocating for positive change in their communities, there’s no better time for our 3-part Effective Legislative Advocacy webinar series. We checked in with lobbyist and political consultant Libby Post, Executive Director of the New York State Animal Protection Federation (and center in above photo), on what you’ll learn in the series—and how to build relationships with elected officials.

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