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The Association is the only international society of leaders actively leading and managing community animal shelters/animal control agencies.


5 Things Animal Shelters And Rescues Can Do Together To Minimize Shelter Intake And Maximize Lifesaving Due to COVID-19

By Katherine Shenar and Kristen Hassen-Auerbach With severe travel restrictions in place and social distancing strongly advised, shelters can no longer rely on pet transport to drive lifesaving efforts. Now, shelters that typically receive pets from other areas are prioritizing emergency preparedness for their own communities and employing intake diversion methods to keep shelter populations at safe capacity, especially if adoption rates decline.

Five Free Social Media Tools to Save Time

Keeping Up With COVID-19, 3/17: Take Foster & Volunteer Training Online

Written for the COVID-19 Shelter Kit by Katherine Shenar and Kim Alboum With shelters around the country strategizing ways to keep the critical services we provide up and running, we’re seeing agencies limiting intake, encouraging the community to adopt, and calling for fosters—should pets need a place to stay if their owners are impacted, and to help clear space for new animals needing our care.  Volunteer orientation and foster training typically take place in-person.


Member Spotlight: Get to Know Belinda Lewis

When we first asked Belinda Lewis, MS, CAWA, to blog about the changes she’s seen in animal sheltering over her 33 years at Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control, and to talk about her current gig advancing professionalism in animal cruelty investigations as an instructor with Code 3 Associates, she promptly requested a word count. “A three-hour movie is flashing before my eyes!” she joked.


Keeping Up with COVID-19, 3/13: Borrow This Foster Campaign Idea!

What’s one of the best ways shelters and rescues can prepare for supporting the community during this time of uncertainty? As The Association’s executive vice president, Katherine Shenar, explains in the blog she co-authored with The HSUS’ shelter outreach and policy engagement director, Kim Alboum, the answer lies in expanding your foster network. Need inspo on where to begin? Here’s a brilliant marketing campaign that one of your colleagues came up with to meet the challenge.


#NewsToKnow: COVID-19 Toolkit, Nashville Strong, & Sticking Up for Underdogs

Stronger Together, More Important Than Ever: Earlier this week we sprung into action with our colleagues at The Humane Society of the United States and several other organizations to make sure you are aware of new developments and critical information surrounding COVID-19. If you haven’t yet seen the resources for supporting your community, employees and volunteers, head to AnimalSheltering.


#NewsToKnow: Happy Medical Staff, 50K S/Ns, & Badly Drawn Pets

Big shout outs to all our friends who participated in World Spay Day, officially celebrated this past Tuesday. That includes the Spayathon team for hitting the 50,000th surgery milestone in Puerto Rico! (And way to go, ViDAS, for spaying, neutering, and vaccinating 778—no, that’s not a typo!—cats and dogs in a single day.


Member Spotlight: Get To Know Jill Tucker

As Jill approaches her one-year anniversary with the recently formed California Association for Animal Welfare, we caught up with her to ask some questions about her experiences as an animal welfare professional (and her hidden talents!). Name: Jill Tucker, CAWA, CEO, California Animal Welfare Association Member of The Association since: 2010 The Association: Tell us about your organization.

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