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Rebecca Poling

Rebecca Poling has served as Social Media Coordinator for Dallas Animal Services since 2012. An accomplished writer with a penchant for social media, she has been active in animal welfare since 2000. Rebecca worked with Animal Rescue New Orleans and Alley Cat Allies rescuing cats after Hurricane Katrina. She was appointed to the City of Dallas Animal Shelter Commission in 2007 and served nearly 8 years. During that time, Rebecca chaired the Dallas Companion Animal Project, that city's No Kill Task Force and later co-founded the nonprofit of the same name. Rebecca was instrumental in helping coordinate the City's response when Bentley, Nina Pham's beloved dog was exposed to Ebola and continues to work closely with the media and Public Information Office. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of Texas Unites, and is former coordinator of Texas Unites for Animals, the largest regional conference in the country.

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