Articles by Emily Weiss, Ph.D.

Emily Weiss, Ph.D., is ASPCA Vice President, Equine Welfare. Dr. Weiss leads the efforts at the ASPCA to increase the rehoming of horses, and to develop effective safety net programming and an effective law enforcement response to cruelty and neglect. She is a founding member of Equine Welfare Data Collective and serves on the Animal Welfare Advisory board of the American Horse Council. A nationally recognized speaker, Dr. Weiss has published extensively on topics related to applied animal behavior. She also served as the ASPCA’s VP of Research & Development, overseeing groundbreaking research related to the animal sheltering field and developing assessment tools for shelter animals. Before that she created training programs to improve husbandry and decrease stress for many zoo animals. In all her work, two central questions continue to drive her: "Why?" and "How do you know?" These questions guide Dr. Weiss’ consistent creative and scientific approach to the work of improving animal welfare.

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