15 Reasons to Visit the Virtual Exhibit Hall

It’s almost time! The Spring Conference for Animal Welfare is just days away, and we’re excited just thinking of all the superpowers the conference speakers will bestow on us. We’ll learn hand-to-hand keyboard warrior combat with Nina Stively, for example, while Dr. Marty Becker will show us how to return to our younger selves

For even more next-level skills, be sure to visit the Virtual Exhibit Hall, where you can learn about the latest goods and services from 30+ exhibitors. (And yup, you can win some goodies, too!). We asked each of our exhibitors what superpower attendees will get from visiting their booths. They’ve got you covered:

Exhibitor: Boehringer Ingelheim
Superpower: PetPro Tele+ is where awesome superheroes like you go to level-up. Stop by to add “warping through time and space to help pets” to your growing list of telehealth powers.

Exhibitor: IDEXX
Superpower: Add IDEXX diagnostics to your superhero tool belt and we’ll help you ensure happier, healthier lives for pets and pet parents.

Exhibitor: 24PetWatch (Pethealth Inc)
Superpower: Let 24PetWatch be your sidekick! Chat virtually with our all-star team to learn more about the PetPoint features that will make you the superhero of your organization!

Exhibitor: Phoenix Innovate
Superpower: X-Ray Vision! See into your donors’ hearts and minds and start building a truly donor-centric fundraising program!

Exhibitor: RKD Group
Superpower: How can you convert donors into loyal sidekicks? Our content will teach you how to acquire with super speed and build relationships as strong as The Hulk.

Exhibitor: Animal Arts Design Studios, Inc.
Superpower: Defeat stress and anxiety in your sheltered animals through design. Our architects can help you create spaces that promote animal well-being, socialization and positive behaviors.

Exhibitor: Blackbaud, Inc.
Superpower: Blackbaud technology is your lightsaber! You can use it to channel your Jedi powers as a fundraiser or accounting leader to dominate your shelter universe!

Exhibitor: Blue Dawg
Superpower: X-ray vision, the power to see through obstacles and discover solutions. You will gain insights into how to build strong donor relationships.

Exhibitor: Fear Free
Superpower: Gain the power to reduce fear, anxiety, stress and frustration in pets in your care. But we must caution you: superhero powers are contagious—they may spread smiles and happy vibes, improve relationships with pets, and overall job satisfaction.

Exhibitor: HSUS
Superpower: Batman’s most important means of fighting crime is his utility belt—because it contains all of his tools. We won’t be handing out grappling hooks, but we will help fill your virtual utility belt with the tools you need to fight for animals.

Exhibitor: National Animal Care & Control Association
Superpower: The Animal Care & Control profession has dealt with adversities for a long time but, like Wolverine, always comes back as strong as before! Rather than letting difficulties, traumatic events, or failure overcome you or drain your resolve, we have ways to help you change your course and become super-resilient!

Exhibitor: Newport One
Superpower: Get the flexibility of Elastigirl in your direct response fundraising, and the superhero power to tailor your donor messages to match your voice.

Exhibitor: Shelter Animals Count: The National Database
Superpower: There is no need to fear! Data are here! Be a data superhero for your organization—no special powers required!

Exhibitor: Shor-Line
Superpower: Transform yourself into a superhero to the pets in your charge, with your new-found versatility to shape-shift your housing to whatever you need in the moment. 

Exhibitor: RLArchitecture, pllc
Superpower: Spatial Manipulation! Learn to bend and shape space to keep your shelter operating smoothly.

Registration Deadline Extended!

Busy ironing your superhero cape and forgot to register for the Spring Conference for Animal Welfare? We’re making like Elastigirl and have extended the registration deadline. Sign up here, but hurry—registration closes Sunday, June 14, at noon ET!

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