14 Things to Do on Summer Vacation

Good news—even if vacation this year is just a trip to your own backyard, you can still go to Club Med with us. Well, Club Shelter Med, that is ;). Now is a great time to dig into the recorded webinars in our Shelter Medicine series, produced in collaboration with the Association of Shelter Veterinarians. Managers, why not assign your team one to watch and discuss each week? And if you’re a manager-in-training, viewing one of the recordings and sharing key takeways with your supervisor is a great way to show initiative and grow your knowledge base. 

P.S. You don’t need to be a veterinary professional to benefit—these RACE-approved webinars are meant for both medical staff and non-medical staff in shelters and animal control agencies. 

Here’s a list of all the webinars in the series:

Getting to Model Shelter: One Shelter’s Journey to Completion of the ASV Guidelines
Yes, there are more than 500 guidelines. Yes, you can tackle them all. Humane Society Silicon Valley did—and significantly increased their lifesaving capacity as a result. 

Foundations for Behavioral Well-Being
Drs. Cynthia Karsten and Rachel Powell share actionable ideas to implement at your shelter, including in-housing enrichment and out-of-housing time.

The Leadership Challenge: Nobody in Vet School Told Me I Had to Lead to Succeed
Personal values…. We all have them, but if you have never thought about them and cannot voice them, you cannot lead efficiently. Dr. Jeannine Berger discusses these and other important tools you’ll need to successfully lead multiple stakeholders.

Medical Aspects of Companion Animal Transport Programs
What’s the role of the veterinarian and veterinary team in transport? Dr. Erin Doyle shares veterinary best practices for every step and mile of the way.

Population Medicine and Effective Animal Disaster Response
Loads of actionable takeaways from Dr. Carla L. Huston in this session, including how to develop protocols for caring for animals in disasters, as well as how to ID resources needed for disaster response and recovery.

Reducing Infection: Updates in Feline URI Management
Presented by Drs. Cynthia Karsten and Denae Wagner. Let the fun—and serious learning—begin. By the end of the webinar, you’ll know the essential elements of a “low stress” cage housing set-up, how length of stay impacts the rate of URI, and the magic ingredient to meet a cat’s housing needs. (Hint: It begins with a “P.”)

Reduce Fear, Anxiety and Stress in Shelter Animals with Fear Free
Everyone’s talking about it—because it works! Dr. Wailani Sung shows you how to clearly identify signs of fear, anxiety, stress, and frustration in shelter animals—and how to minimize them from occurring at intake, during daily care and medical procedures, and at the point of adoption. 

Optimal Staffing for Shelter Medical Departments & Clinics
Among the takeaways from San Diego Humane Society’s Audrey Lang and Dr. Zarah Hedge: how to hire medical staff—and keep them—as well as cost-saving measures and alternative scheduling.

Partnerships with Private Practitioners in the Shelter Setting
Within one community, animal shelters focus on both herd health and individual care, while veterinary practices treat individuals. How can we work together to save more lives? Dr. Allison Lash has some strategies to pass on. Bonus points: share this webinar with your local practitioner!

Reporting Cruelty: The Role of the Animal Welfare Professional
Crucial resources in this webinar, courtesy of Dr. Edward Schettino! You’ll learn in which states veterinarians are mandated to report animal cruelty, how to recognize and classify signs of abuse and neglect, and where to report them.

Assessing Pain & Quality of Life in Shelter Animals
How is quality of life measured in companion animals? Dr. Emily McCobb gives you the resources, as well as two assessment tools for recognizing signs of pain and distress in cats and dogs. 

Update on Behavioral Assessments in the Shelter
Recent insight has indicated that the evaluations in the shelter do not reliably predict how the pet is going to behave in the home. Dr. Wailani Sung discusses a different approach.

Coming in Fall 2020

Click through to sign up now and keep the learning going (both have been submitted to RACE for CE):

October September 16: Scaling High Quality, High Volume Foster Care in Times of Crisis with Humane Society Silicon Valley’s Kristen Jahnke, Katie Christie, and Dr. Cristie Kamiya

October 7Supporting Families Through Access to Veterinary Care with Dr. Michael Blackwell

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